Roads & Infrastructure

Prioritize good investments: Infrastructure including; roads, water & sewer, and broadband must be on our list to work on now. Our small and large businesses and our tourism industry cannot thrive without a concerted effort to maintain these tools for our communities. We need to make sure that our investments bring value, and build everything so we might still be using it 100 years from now.



Protect Life: An essential role of government is to protect the life of all its constituents; the unborn, the young, the elderly & the incapacitated.


Government Regulations

Reduce, Simplify and Apply fairly: We should continue to seek ways of reducing state and local ordinances and regulations, these can infringe on personal and property rights. More rules increase the cost of doing business and at times do little to actually solve the problems they say they were drafted for. Economies work better when we let the market take care of most of the issues, government should only set the structure and get out of the way.



Preparing our Children for success: Access to a quality education for every Michigan child should be non-negotiable. I expect to advocate for quality education in accessible and flexible options (traditional public schools, public school academies, private or parochial schools, and home schooling). Parents are a critical stakeholder and primary decision makers in meeting the learning needs of each child. Each type of education system can thrive in an environment that engages the community and encourages innovation, flexibility and best practices thereby allowing our great teachers to effectively enable each student to learn while assuring expected achievement. Hope for a bright future lies in educating our children and preparing them to become leaders in their chosen field.


Gun Rights

Second Amendment: Liberty, according to our Founding Fathers, can only be maintained if there is enough force to back up those ideals. Gun ownership provides the available force that ensures a free state. The Second Amendment to our U.S. Constitution states: “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” The Michigan Constitution agrees when it provides that citizens should have “a right to keep and bear arms for the defense of himself and the state”.


Taxes & Fees

Smarter Use - Not More: Taxpayers should be getting value for the taxes they pay. State government receives enough revenue now to meet the responsibilities that are outlined in the Michigan Constitution. The goals need to be smarter spending, and plugging the leaks in the system. Truth in taxation demands that we not redirect voted millage dollars through the use of TIFs and other financing tools away from what they were voted for.



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